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Planning your Wedding or Honeymoon


6 to 12 months prior
*Your wedding or honeymoon is a time to celebrate the beginning of  your new life together.  It should be the experience of a lifetime.  It should reflect the special interests you share as a couple.
*Discuss your budget and where you might want to go, based on your past experiences and your interests. 
*Contact us for an appointment to discuss your plans and ideas.
*Commiting to your destination early will give you added advantages.
*If this is for a destination wedding, you need to confirm with the wedding coordinator of the property that you have chosen as soon as possible.  Then, we can make arrangements for any family and friends that you might want to attend your celebration.  Also, most wedding couples send advance "save the date" cards to those people invited to the wedding.
*Working with a professional travel agent is an asset in their knowledge and willingness to assist you in any way to make your dreams become reality.

3-4 Months prior
*Confirm your reservations.
*If you are using a honeymoon registry, begin notifying your guests that
  they can contribute to your honeymoon as a wedding gift. We can 
  provide you with complimentary cards to mail, or slip them into the save
  the date cards or wedding invitations.
* If you don't have a passport or visa and one will be needed for your
  planned destination, now would be the time to apply.  
*Are you interested in travel insurance?
*Think about your packing list. Keep in mind of the climate at that time.   Also, know the limits on luggage for the air carrier you will be using.
*If you will be going out of the country, be sure check with your bank to
  ensure that your ATM card will work if you plan to draw money out while
  traveling.  Also, ask if there are any fees involved so you're not suprised.
*If you want to keep in touch with your family members, ask your
  cellphone company if your phone will work from that location or would it
  be necessary to rent a special phone.

2 months prior:
*Final payments are generally due at this time and you will receive confirmation of said payments.
*Luggage you will need.
*Guide books or tour information for the area

1 month prior:
*Have valid passport and/or documentation required. 
*Obtain Marriage license.
*Check your packing list.
*Find digital camera and consider additional memory cards
    to have enough space for all the photos you will be taking.
*Will you need a voltage converter?
*Stop newspapers, magazines, mail or have them held at the post office.
*List emergency contacts, airline and resort itinerary to leave
   behind for family.
* Consider sea bands or pills if you have any flying or sailing
* If you are intending using a limo or cab or special bus to the airport, make appropriate reservations now.  If a friend or family member offered to pick you up on your return, be sure to give them a copy of your airline ticket confirmation with flights and times.

1 week prior:
 * Pack
 * Have all travel documents in hand.
 * Check how much cash you will need or want to take.
 * Inform your Credit card company you're going there.
 * Do you want to pack scented candles?
 * Pack your lingerie.
 * We suggest that you pack a carry on in the event that you are
    delayed. It should contain one night change of clothes, medications,
    toiletries, passport, documents, phone numbers.

Day of Departure: Checklist
* Confirm your airport transportation, if other than yourself.
* Call the airline and confirm that your flight is on time.
* Arrive 2 hours before your flight considering the security issues.
* Don't forget all your documents (actual paper documents, passports, driver's license, cash, credit
  cards, luggage, carry on bag, pillow or small blanket for flight

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